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Healthcare professional Resource for Gluten Related Disorders.

Dr. Schär Institute

The Dr. Schär Group

Dr. Schar Institute Headquarters South Tyrol Gluten intolerance
Dr. Schar headquarters in South Tyrol
Leading experts in gluten-free foods
The Dr. Schär Group provides celiacs around the world with a wide range of delicious, high-quality and safe gluten-free products. As a specialist in our field, we have over 30 years of experience in the research, development, production and marketing of gluten-free products as well as innovative dietetic foods for special nutritional requirements. We place particular emphasis on the close collaboration with doctors, nutrition experts, scientists and consumers.

Dr. Schär not only stands for quality and absolute safety, it also prides itself on developing products that are innovative and delicious. Since the first gluten-free products were launched onto the market under the Schär name in 1981, Dr. Schär has developed from a small South Tyrolean firm into a worldwide corporation and established itself as the leader in the gluten-free food market.
Since 2013, in addition to the gluten-free business, Dr. Schär Medical Nutrition became a new and exciting sector for Dr Schär.

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Our mission

Dr. Schär has developed into a company specialising in foods for people with special dietary needs. In the long term we want to play a leading role in this field. Our mission lays out the guidelines which lead the way towards achievement of our ambitious goals.

Products: Delicious products with valuable ingredients ensure our consumers are offered balanced nutrition and quality of life through their diet. We guarantee the highest of safety standards in the production of our products.

Innovation: Our success is driven by continuous quality improvements of our products. This is why we put so much emphasis on basic research, product development and production technology.

Service: We want to make life easier for our consumers at home and when out and about, by ensuring the maximum availability of our products and supporting open dialogue with our partners every day.

Growth: We aim towards sustainable growth for our company. We place particular emphasis on the efficient use of resources.

Commitment: We encourage and expect a responsible relationship with our business partners and employees. Economical use of environmental resources is also very important to us.

Our values

It is thanks to our values that both business associates and consumers place their trust in us and our work. They are loyal and thus make a significant contribution to our success. This will remain a factor in Dr. Schär's future corporate success. Our values are our investment in the relationship of trust with partners, consumers and employees. Our thoughts and actions, our dealings with each other and our attitude towards our products and our creativity are characterised by them.
  • Safety for our products and customers and secure customer relationships.
  • Health as part of the company's promise to deliver a feeling of well-being and a positive lifestyle. However, this also includes a healthy approach to our own organization, actions and financial opportunities.
  • Progress in terms of thoughts, actions and operations are the key to our evolution and allow for markets to be actively developed.
  • Ambition gives us self-awareness and a sense of direction on our way to becoming an international market leader. This forms the basis for the company.