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Healthcare professional Resource for Gluten Related Disorders.

Dr. Schär Institute

The Dr. Schär Institute

Dr. Schär Institute is a dedicated resource for healthcare professionals with an interest in gluten related disorders. The activities, projects and interests of the Dr Schär Institute are directed by our experienced Professionals Team (see below). The particular competencies relate to the management of gluten related disorders, including celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

The Dr. Schär Professionals Team

Dr. Schär's competence and knowledge regarding gluten related disorders extends far beyond its gluten-free product range: The Dr. Schär Professionals team consists of a select group of highly experienced dietitians, nutritionists and product development specialists. The team has a highly diversified knowledge and is committed to raising awareness and understanding of gluten related disorders. The Professionals team is supported by an external panel of expert healthcare professionals working in clinical practice and research throughout Europe and the USA, providing knowledge and clinical perspective to help guide the work of the Dr. Schär Institute.

Dr. Schär Insitute

The Dr. Schär Institute provides a wide range of training materials and informational resources to support optimum service for your patients.

  • Patient information leaflets and resources for use in your practice
  • Professional exchange of experiences concerning gluten sensitivity in the section "Experts for Experts"
  • Differential diagnostic algorithms and fact sheets on celiac disease and other gluten-related conditions
  • Information on gluten-related conditions and current practice guidelines
  • Resource library with summaries of latest research studies
  • Information regarding upcoming professional events or conferences
  • A bi-monthly professional newsletter and Dr. Schär Institute Forum Journal
  • A dedicated email to answer healthcare professional queries: Email: professionals 'at'