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Healthcare professional Resource for Gluten Related Disorders.

Dr. Schär Institute

Dr. Schär Institute Forum

Journal for healthcare professionals on coeliac disease, gluten sensitivity and gluten-free nutrition
This journal provides you with up-to-date scientific and practical information. Each edition of the “Dr. Schär Institute Forum" will focus on a different topic.

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Dr. Schär Institute Forum – edition 02/2016
The topics addressed in this edition of the Forum – birth complications and osteoporosis linked to coeliac disease, combined with the more frequent occurrence of this condition in women – make coeliac disease one of the topics which are of primary interest for women, especially those of childbearing age.

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Dr. Schär Institute Intestinal microbiome Gluten intolerance DSI Forum 01/2015
This edition is on the field of the microbiome and it relationship to gluten-induced diseases and celiac disease. We have been able to find well-known authors who will shed light on the current state of science and share useful information for your everyday practice.

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Dr. Schär Institute Celiac Disease Gluten intolerance DSI Forum 03/2014
Celiac disease is a clinical chameleon – it appears in many different forms and is often missed. However, it is of worldwide importance. Recent studies have redrawn the global map of celiac disease and revealed surprising results.

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Dr. Schär Institute low-FODMAP-diet Gluten intolerance DSI Forum 02/2014
In this issue of the Forum we focus on the low FODMAP diet for the management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

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Dr. Schär Institute R&D Centre Gluten intolerance DSI Forum 01/2014
For ten years now, Dr. Schär has been collaborating with its own Research and Development department, the R&D Center  in the AREA Science Park in Trieste. To mark its anniversary, Dr. Schär invited international scientists to a symposium at the end of 2013, in order to discuss the current state of research and the gluten-free future. Today's edition of our Forum is devoted to this exciting topic, and allows you to take part in this special event with abstracts of the presentations.Through  direct links in the summaries, you have the ability to access the lectures.

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