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Taste and safety in medical nutrition
In 2012, the company Dr. Schär, with over 30 years of experience in supporting people with gluten-related intolerances, extended its activities to the sector of dietetic foods for special dietary needs by integrating the division of Dr. Schär Medical Nutrition.

Dr. Schär Medical Nutrition is a team of food chemists, food scientists, food technologists and nutritionists with more than 25 years of experience within this sector. Close contact with health care professionals and patients ensures quality and first-hand knowledge, making Dr. Schär Medical Nutrition a valued partner for customers far beyond Germany.

The products of Dr. Schär Medical Nutrition meet the highest international quality standards and are designed to suit people with rare inherited metabolic disorders and food allergies or other diseases that require a special nutritional therapy. They are recognised worldwide on account of their excellent quality, composition, taste, and ease of preparation.

More information on products as well as specialist information on the disease patterns of inherited metabolic disorders, chronic kidney disease, fat malabsorption disorders and food allergies can be found at